Scott Claypoole

As the owner and CEO of Palm Beach Pharmacy Group since 2013, Dr. Scott Claypoole has been a practicing pharmacist for 18 years. He graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy in 2002 with honors. For almost 2 decades, Scott has practiced in a variety of pharmacy environments to include retail, specialty retail, contemporary compounding, Long Term care, wholesale, Substance Abuse Rehab, HIV, Dermatology, etc. Scott is an active member in the Florida Pharmacy Association as well as the Palm Beach County Pharmacy Association where he is an active supporter of PBM reform.

Scott actively supports various community-based initiatives such as: KasperCares.Org (Operation Generate Hope, Operation Flood Them with Love) as well as Cancer Alliance (“Shoot To Kill Cancer”). Scott feels it is his civic duty to give back to students as well at the high school (Palm Beach County eBusiness Partner) and collegiate level as a preceptor (Nova Southeastern and PB Atlantic University). Additionally, Scott has been an active seller on Amazon since 2013 with a focus on (but not limited to) Health and Beauty. He feels that it is important to be diversified in and outside of Amazon and has been active in various business models to include: Private Label, Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale and Brand Management.

Scott believes that just like custom cars and custom homes…custom medication through pharmacy compounding allows pharmacists to offer patient specific options and optimum outcomes.